Scorekeeping & Referee Clinics

Club Referee and Score clinics must be taken online by all players this year!!

Returning players can view your status by logging into your membership and looking under the 'Official Info' Tab

ATTENTION - Junior player (18 & younger) are required to individually take the Iowa Junior Player Referee & Scorer Clinic online. Once they have completed the clinics, their membership will be automatically updated and they will show as certified on their roster. All Attack players are required to complete the clinics, as all players will ref and score keep throughout the season. These clinics must be completed by January 28, 2018.

Look Here!Registering for Referee and Scorekeeping Clinics

DocumentStep-by-Step Instructions to Register

Look Here!Below is the link to the Iowa Volleyball Regional Website, same infomation as listed above on Referee and Scorer Clinics,

You may want to print out the following sheets. They will be useful materials while watching the modules.

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